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Application and technical points of Li-ion battery in energy storage scenario

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  With the development of energy storage industry,the advantages of lithium-ion batteries in energy storage scenarios have also attracted the attention of the industry:

  01 energy storage may usher in a new round of industrial upsurge

  The development of new energy industry makes the value of energy storage gradually appear.Data shows that in 2018,the cumulative installed capacity of global chemical energy storage increased by 66.3%year on year,reaching 4868mw.Among them,China's new installed capacity reached 629mw,a year-on-year increase of 420%.In order to support the development of energy storage industry,since 2015,China has issued a number of favorable policies:

  Driven by the national policy,many energy storage projects have entered the formal implementation stage,and the energy storage industry has entered the transition period from demonstration to commercialization.At the same time,BYD,Ningde times,GuoXuan high tech,Yiwei lithium energy and other lithium battery enterprises are also carrying out the layout and planning of the energy storage industry chain.

  According to the data,in 2018,there were 11 domestic energy storage lithium battery companies with a total capacity of more than 100mwh,and the top five companies were BYD,ZTE energy,sunshine energy,Kelu electronics and Lixin energy,among which BYD's lithium battery shipments reached 1GWh.

  02 lithium ion battery accounts for 75%of chemical energy storage scale

  The existing energy storage system is mainly divided into five categories:mechanical energy storage,electrical energy storage,electrochemical energy storage,thermal energy storage and chemical energy storage.Among them,the cumulative operation scale of electrochemical energy storage in China is 1.073gw,which is expected to reach 1.92gw by the end of 2019.By 2022,the scale will break through 10GW and approach 20GW in 2023.(data as of the end of 2018,from Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance)

  As the main growth point of electrochemical energy storage,lithium battery accounts for 75%of chemical energy storage scale.In the long run,the field of energy storage will be one of the important application markets of lithium battery.

  Lithium-ion battery is a kind of battery made of compounds containing lithium,which mainly depends on the movement of lithium ion between the positive and negative electrodes.In the process of charging and discharging,there is only lithium ion,but no lithium metal.Compared with other batteries,lithium battery has the advantages of high energy density,long cycle life,low self discharge rate,high energy conversion rate,fast charging and discharging,etc.

  In the energy storage system,the role of lithium battery,lead carbon battery and lead acid battery is to store electric energy.The biggest difference between lithium battery and lead acid battery is that lithium battery must be equipped with a battery management system.At present,the main domestic lithium battery technologies are lithium iron phosphate,lithium titanate,lithium ternary and so on.The power density of these batteries is much higher than that of lead-carbon batteries.

  The application of 03 Li-ion battery in the scene of energy storage

  Energy storage is one of the important means to solve the intermittent fluctuation of new energy wind power and photovoltaic,and to realize the function of"peak shaving and valley leveling".As a new application scenario,energy storage lithium battery is also gradually paid attention to.

  It is understood that the application scenarios of lithium battery in the power side,user side and power grid side of energy storage are as follows:the energy storage application focuses on the power generation side include optical storage power station,wind storage power station,AGC frequency modulation power station;the energy storage focuses on the user side include optical storage charging station,home energy storage,standby power supply,etc.;the energy storage of power grid includes substation energy storage,virtual power plant,peak/frequency modulation and other scenarios.

  There is no direct requirement for energy density of energy storage lithium battery,but different energy storage scenarios have different requirements for the power density of energy storage lithium battery.The lithium-ion battery in the field of electric energy storage needs safety,long life,high energy conversion efficiency,and the cycle life is generally required to be more than 3500 times.

  Chen Yongzhen,head of the energy storage technology research group of the Institute of electrical engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences,once pointed out that for peak load regulation,off grid photovoltaic energy storage or peak valley price difference energy storage scenarios on the user side,the storage battery generally needs to be continuously charged or discharged for more than two hours,so it is suitable to use the capacity battery with the charge discharge ratio≤0.5c;for the energy storage scenario with the power frequency modulation or smooth renewable energy fluctuations,The energy storage battery needs to be charged and discharged quickly in the time period from second level to minute level,which is suitable for the application of≥2C power battery;while it needs to undertake the application scenarios of frequency modulation and peak regulation,which is more suitable for energy battery.

  Different from the field of new energy vehicles,the demand for lithium batteries in the energy storage market requires not only safety,but also low cost and long service life,which requires the lithium battery enterprises to continuously improve and explore these aspects,and develop a lithium-ion battery more suitable for the field of energy storage.

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